Our Work

Our Strength

SOL handles about 100,000 MT of various commodities every year. Through stable supplying bases, high quality products, extensive market channels, reliable commercial reputation, we have established close relationship with our customer base and numerous enterprises.

Our Network

Whether its Raw Cotton, Spices or Edible Oil,  SOL currently operates in the key international markets for its industry, including China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Bangkok, Turkey, Spain, Mauritius, Germany, Morocco, France, Australia, South Africa, and Japan.

Reliable Partner

Keeping along with the goal of becoming a leading player in the trade, SOL has successfully adopted a sustainable management structure. This has helped us to manage risks associated with the trade along with maintaining international quality standards.

Our Ability

We further strengthen our ability to mitigate risks by investing in our own farms, processing plants, and logistics infrastructure. In addition, we develop long-term, solid partnerships with farmers, growers and processors all over the world to secure supply and limit market risk exposure..


Diversification helps mitigate our risks. It also helps ensure we maintain our position as an innovator in developing, advancing and modernizing the entire food supply chain, to meet the growing challenge of feeding the world.

Matching Demand

In this turbulent world, the complexity of market and the volatility of price has become the new normal. Our strategic planning based on our significant network has helped us to readily match demand of our clients. Quality & Stability is maintained regardless of whether supply is abundant or scarce.